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$10,000 or 10% Revenue


Nov8Grp is not a business. It is a group of people who came together to help an American inventor follow his passion. The little inventor who cried wolf. I can’t tell you in a paragraph about all the trials and tribulations I have experienced in my 30+ years of inventing, but will go in to detail when I finish my eBook called “The Autobiography of an Inventor.”

The simple concept is this: Once I receive the one million dollars, and probably before then, I am going to proceed with starting my invention business. At the end of the fiscal year, I will take 10% minimum of the after tax profits and give back to the group in the form of prizes for them helping me succeed. For $10, they have an entry in all drawings for life every year on Nov 8th, plus get other discounts and perks, as well. It’s no different than me taking $100,000 in $100 bills of my own money and walking around WalMart giving it away.

Members of the group can have input thru podcasts, Q&A’s and any other form of distribution, but do not have any say in day to day operations. The goal is to become the go to company for all your invention needs, but also could fail. There are no guarantees except you only can lose $10, and the money raised will be directed solely for the purpose of pursuing ideas.

We do not offer a refund. This is a minimal investment in a venture to help Ron start his full service invention business. All monies received go in to a holding account under the name Nov8Grp, and all monies will be delegated to two things: Working capital to start business and money to invest in ideas.


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